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Car Restorations & Rebuilds

At Ken Stokes we bring back your car to its former glory, to the pride and joy of years gone past. We love to restore or to modify your classic cars beyond manufacturers wildest dreams.

We have a passion for everything motoring; cars, bikes, trucks, four wheel drives. That’s why we understand that it takes care and dedication when it comes to a project.

Classic car restoration takes time and skill, most panel shops don’t have the time or the ability to restore or modify classic cars. We are different, we love it! Our skilled body builders, panel beaters, spray painters and mechanics have years of experience and can’t wait to work on a vintage or classic car.

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So call us to day and turn back the time on your classic car.

Common rebuild work includes:

  • Rust work
  • Panel re-manufacturing
  • Panel modification, flares, rolled panels
  • Lift kits
  • Engine rebuilds
  • Colour restorations, or application of original colour
  • Bare metal re-sprays

Whatever the job big or small, we’ll get it done for you.







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