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We are a MTA Repairer, we repair your vehicle to a strict code of conduct, which means your car is repaired promptly, efficiently, but never compromising safety, appearance or resale value.

Please upload pictures of your damaged car, angle view and straight on. With a short description of the accident and damage.

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Ken Stokes Good St Automotive
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Q and A

Q: My insurance company said I should go to another smash repair shop. Do I have to go there?
A: No. You are entitled to go to the repairer of your choice. You are the customer.

Q: Do you offer a replacement car?
A: Yes, we have our own or if not your fault a renter car free of charge.

Q: Is the work guaranteed?
A: Yes

Q: Can your workshop arrange pick of my vehicle?
A: Yes

Q: If I service my new car with your mechanical workshop, will I loose my new car warranty?
A: No. We are a Licensed Mechanical garage, we can service your car, using the factory OEM standard Parts or the aftermarket or performance, your choice.